Terms and conditions

Site Name : vtc74.com
Site address : http://www.vtc74.com
Site Contact Email : contact[at]vtc74.com
Publication manager : Bernard Grevoz

VTC means : car hire with driver

The VTC activity is to the road transport of passengers for consideration, with prior book required.
The services provided by VTC 74 are distinguished from other types of conventional road transport, a quality premium service. A vehicle that meets specific comfort standards set by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Ecology and Energy, a dress driver perfectly suited to the level of demand from our customers, and concerned about the welfare , comfort, safety and scheduling requirements of its passengers. Different services and options are also offered to our clients (bottle of water, provision of newspapers, care of luggage ...) to ensure the best transport in perfect conditions.

Article 1 : Prior book

VTC service involves a prior book.
It can be made ​​online (7 days 7, 24, 24 hours), via our website under the tab book, by e-mail by clicking on the tab Contact, or by phone at +33.663.412.402 (7 days 7, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.).

When first book on our site, vtc74.com account must be created by the customer, before or during the book.
After indicating a starting place and a place of arrival (with the option to choose a stage), a route changed according to customer requirements or in case of works or other contingencies, and a price is offered.

The customer is then prompted to confirm the book, and choose a payment method.

Article 2 : Payment Terms

Payment online :
If the customer wants to pay for the book online, by credit card, and after accepting the terms and conditions of sale, the customer confirms the book; it will then be directed to the secure payment site PayPal for its payment (no PayPal account is necessary for this transaction).
Important !
No banking information is collected on the vtc74.com site.
The information on the customer's bank data is not captured by it, solely on the secure payment site PayPal.

The payment made, the book is then effective, the customer receives a confirmation email and an invoice justifying the payment.

Payment to the driver :
If the customer wants to pay for the book in his care, and after accepting the terms and conditions, the customer confirms the book; it will then be directed to a confirmation page. A confirmation email will then be sent to him, and after response of the client, the book will be effective, the full amount due will be paid during his management. An invoice it will be delivered after payment.

Article 3 : Cancellation of a book

All cancellations must be made within a maximum of two hours before the departure time originally scheduled, to ensure canceled due settlement or a full refund. pour assurer une annulation du règlement dû, ou un remboursement intégral.
Beyond this period, the full amount of the book price will remain due, and in case of prepayment, no refund will be granted.

How to cancel a book ?

- By mail via the tab Contact on our website.
- By phone by calling +33.663.412.402 (7 days 7, from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m.)
- By mail (registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt) to the address: VTC 74, 100 Route des Grands Champs 74410 Saint Jorioz

Any receipt of cancellation request made within the deadlines set, will result in a cancellation of the outstanding sum, or, in case of prepayment, a full refund within 3 business days after the date of receipt of such cancellation.

Article 4 : Rates

The prices of our services include the management of baggage and price of kilometers traveled.
They are set at the book beforehand, (Excluding any delay and higher tolls to 10 minutes).

waiting time exceeds 10 minutes: € 0.50 per minute (beyond 30 minutes of billable waiting, the driver will leave the place of support, the full amount of the book price (15 € corresponding to the 30 minute wait price) remain due and will not give rise to any refund in case of prepayment).

Services offered in all our services :
Providing a touch pad,
Reading (magazines, newspapers),
A water bottle,

Options included in all our services :
Support of Baggage without additional charge,
Air conditioner,
Strip charger,
Music chosen by the customer.

Minimum package :

A minimum fee of 19 € (daily rate, excluding weekends) is charged for each transport, the distance is not more than 7 kilometers.
This package includes support for up to three luggage and up to four passengers. Are included in this package are the 5 €, corresponding to the amount of support, and 14 € representing a distance less than or equal to 7 km.

Shuttle packages :

VTC offers 74 different packages "shuttle", making any journey to the main railway stations and airports of the region Chambéry, Lyon, Grenoble ... and Geneva Airport GVA (see our Rates).
The price of these packages is calculated on the basis of a departure from the entire agglomeration of Annecy, and also applies in the return direction (destination to the entire Annécienne agglomeration).

Payment options :

Credit cards via the secure payment website PayPal or in the vehicle, bank checks, cash.

VAT not applicable, art. 293 B of the CGI

Article 5 : Rate Reduction

Pricing for our professional customers :

Under the basic exemption scheme for VAT, VTC 74 offers its business customers a reduction in tariffs of around 10%, corresponding to the current VAT rate in the activity of VTC.
To benefit from this reduction (excluding shuttle packages), free creation of a VTC 74 Business is required.
Only regular customers of this type of account can enter this discount.

Iterative Transportation :

VTC 74 is committed, nearby all of its customers in the framework of regular transport (daily or weekly) to define a preferential rate, determined according to the distance and the frequency of transport. For more information please contact us.

Article 6 : Safety Instructions

For obvious safety reasons, and in the context of law enforcement, it is kindly asked our passengers fasten their seat belt, refrain from smoking in the vehicle and adopt a behavior no bearing therefore the conduct of the driver. Similarly, the driver may, at its option, refuse to support a passenger showing obvious behavioral problems, due to excessive alcohol consumption, or possibly of narcotics. Similarly, the transportation of prohibited goods is by definition prohibited, the driver may refuse to support any passenger whose behavior could pose a danger to the smooth running of the service, or any other form of disturbance to the public order.

Article 7 : Professional liability

According to the law, VTC 74 has a professional liability covering damage which may possibly be caused to its passengers or their property (luggage), during the entire course of the service, both at the inside and outside the vehicle.
Any object, whatever its value, supported in the vehicle remains the sole responsibility of the customer, and can benefit from our professional liability when damage is caused by the fact the customer it himself.
Damages caused to the vehicle by a passenger, are the sole responsibility VTC 74 reserving the right to appeal to the laws in order to obtain compensation, if any.

Article 8 : Disputes

In case of dispute, and without mutual agreement negotiated between VTC 74 and a customer, only the Commercial Court of Annecy will have jurisdiction to resolve the dispute.

SIREN : 504 893 504
Operator VTC number : EVTC074150002
Directory of Trades number : 504 893 504 RM 7401